Important Message For Muablogsales Members – Please Read.

Hi Ladies,

I’d really appreciate it if you would take a moment to read the following. Whether you are a buyer or seller, I feel that this may affect you.

I’ve read two complaints about muablogsales/admin on the Beauty Board.

The first is that not everyone’s sale is getting posted. This is not true at all; I do post everyone’s sale. The lone exception was an egregiously rude lady who I discovered had a history of alleged fraud, and I decided not to allow her on the blog. This is the person who started the rumor with an MUA-mail blast.

The second complaint is that it’s difficult and unpleasant to submit sales. That’s something we can talk about.

I’ve followed Caroline’s lead (great ideas) on keeping the updates fresh with new content because it keeps the posts from becoming spam (my own gmail account used to flag it as spam; I had to go in and change it). Today I saw this post on the Beauty Board:

“i think it’s ok to have limitations. i bet carovan was overwhelmed by all the spammers. i can think of a few (some of whom are veterans/semi-regulars on this board) who continuously had their blog sale posted every day before caro decided to input said restrictions. once i started to recognize the spammers, i wholly ignored their sales :/ it’s just so off-putting”

That quote so accurately and succinctly sums up what I’m trying to avoid. I want buyers to look forward to the daily muablogsales post because they know there will be something new and interesting.

It does mean more effort for the sellers to send specific items instead of just brands, and it’s a lot more effort for me to provide quality control of the postings. I’m more than willing to do that; my goal is simply to have quality sales postings.

This blog is a forum to help buyers and sellers, and if you feel this approach is not working, what would you like to change? It can become a copy-paste spam list (where I just post anything and everything you send), but do you really believe that is going to help your blog sales? Or does the additional effort bring you more buyers? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

Thanks so much for reading.


35 Comments on “Important Message For Muablogsales Members – Please Read.”

  1. Summer says:

    I for one was happy when the rule changed. It’s frustrating as a buyer to click on a sale that is always the same. It is spam to me. Or a seller who wants $12 for a Mac lipstick and $3 for shipping? Why would I buy a used lipstick for that when I can get a new one with free shipping for around the same from Mac or nordstoms. We buyers are looking for deals! So please have your prices priced accordingly

  2. L K says:

    Angela,I think the new approach is fine in regards to avoiding people spamming the same sale every day. I agree with the person you quoted about ignoring the same blog sale day after day. There is only one issue I have with the new way and that is I dont always have new things to post on my sale and i’m at the point that I’ve also reduced prices as far as i can (given the item & it’s cost). So, if I dont have anything to add, and i really cant cut prices anymore, according to the new posting rules, I cant post my blog sale. I dont purchase makeup that often, and I’m pretty much down to my essentials at the moment, so I dont see having any “new” items to post for awhile. I have a suggestion, and maybe you could tweak it, but the idea is to allow people like me, to be able to post our blog sale once a week. This way, we get a chance to sell what we have posted without bugging the crap out of people 🙂 (not that i did before) By the way, I think you are doing a great job with this. I have my hands full with my family and running my Ebay store and there is no way I could do something like this in addition to everything else. So, hat’s off to you 🙂 LisaLKeeney68

    Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 03:56:30 +0000 To:

    • angela4mua says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent response. 🙂

      I have two ideas for situations like yours. The first is a link (posted along with every daily update) that takes buyers to a semi-permanent list of sellers who haven’t updated and like you, have already reduced prices to a bare-bones minimum. The second is pretty much exactly what you said – One day a week where EVERYONE gets their sale posted, updated or not. That gives the seller a place to re-post, and at the same time gives buyers even more options to browse for staples or wish list items. OR, I could do both…I am certainly open to that as well!

      Thanks again for your kind comment and (great) question!

      Angela 🙂

      • Sara says:

        I really like the idea of of a weekly roundup. Maybe a weekend day could be devoted to all sales posted that week along with anyone who hasn’t updated but wants a weekly viewing of their sale. That day would not include new sales, to avoid confusion. I think a daily link would just complicate things and cause more work for you. I also think if someone has posted a sale before but added 50% or more new items, it might be fair to allow those posts as a new sale or not be lumped into updated sale category, seems like some buyers are so fed up that they might not want to click on a link in the updated sale category.

    • I agree with the one week posting, most of the forums online have this rule, if you get too much emails everyday, I think it’s better for you as well to set this rule as well. 🙂

  3. vedra says:

    As a buyer, I think this was a total change for the better and a real timesaver – when I already browsed a sale and didn’t find something for a price I like, I don’t want to have to go through the same items over and over again, that won’t change my decision. So re-posting without changes or making the buyer search for them in my opinion really doesn’t help the seller anyway. But, maybe you could allow 1 re-post a month, regardless of changes – I think that should be enough to gain exposure to new buyers without annoying the old ones too much.

    • Nicci says:

      I agree with this completely! I like to go back and browse through sales in case I missed anything, and posting un-updated sales more than once a month or so would make that really difficult.

      Another thing I think would be helpful to buyers would be when you update the listing, allow the seller to mention older items that are still available (or at least the brands) in addition to newly-added items. That way if a buyer is looking for a specific product/brand, it will be right there at the top instead of having to wade through old posts.

      And lastly Angela, thank you so much for doing this!

  4. Sara says:

    Angela, sorry that you are dealing with complaints. Most of us members appreciate the work that you and Caroline put in. I would hope that in the future posters politely offer suggestions on how mua blogsales could potentially be improved and not just simply complain.

  5. Theresa B says:

    I am a buyer and currently have no intention of becoming a seller. I very much appreciate the limitations as they are right now. Honestly…. if there were less limitations, I wouldn’t have bothered subscribing in the first place. I am on Specktra & LJ, but rarely check out the sales there anymore because I can’t remember who tends to repost the same stuff with maybe one new thing added per week and who usually adds many things before reposting. I’ve found it’s just not worth my time to check unless the title reads ‘all new’ or ‘last sale was months ago’.

    I’m sure listing their new stuff is an annoyance for sellers, but I have no doubt that it actually helps all of them sell successfully (except of course the spammers who like to post 10 sales before adding anything new). I feel that the clearly listed new items attract buyers to sales pages. Specifically buyers like me, who refuse to waste their time seeing the same old thing.

    If you decide that change is inevitable, then perhaps you could do it like this…. first section recently added blogs, second section recently updated blogs with the same limitations and new item listings, but add a third section…. blogs without a known standing (as in, the seller has decided not to let you know what, if anything, has been added). My one concern there is that sellers may choose that option because it’s easier, even if they have added stuff…. but perhaps you could counteract that by simply mentioning in the instructions that any seller who chooses that will likely have significantly fewer people looking at their sale.

    • angela4mua says:

      Hi Theresa,

      Thank you so much for your comment. It’s great to hear from a buyer who appreciates the new rules – It makes me feel so much better after constantly pushing and prodding sellers to comply with the new rules (some are quite unhappy with me). Reading the beauty board lately has been…Very disheartening. Anyway, I’m so glad that you subscribed and that you’re still reading and looking at the blog. YAY!

      And thanks so much for the suggestions – Very helpful. 🙂



  6. berryblusher says:

    I think you do a wonderful job and thank you so much for all you do!!!

  7. mewmew00 says:

    You are doing a great job. Thanks for stopping that rude lady from posting!!

    • angela4mua says:

      Perhaps yes, perhaps no. I do know there are times I definitely could have been nicer – Some sellers get rude when I ask them to make changes on their sales submission and there are times that I have been rude right back.

      For my part, I need to learn not to take things personally.

  8. innaxoxs says:

    You are doing a wonderful job angela, and i totally agree with you about the spamming bloggers, it does get annoying when most blogs are re posted over and over with the same stuff, i guess its fine if they havent posted for a couple of weeks, but maybe if there was a section for regualr blogg sales and the updated and fresh that may work?

    I just hate getting all excited about the blog posts and there is nothing new posted, it wastes alot of time as i live in australia and i usually have to check the blog at 2-3am and going through everything is not worth it! And im sure to all other international buyers would feel the same,

    I have sold and frequently purchase from sales and i follow this blog so i check the updates everyday and its refreshing to see fresh posts, i think frequent bloggers should only aloud to repost maybe 1-2 a week if their prices have been reduced and as i said before maybe put into a seperate section,

    Also i have a suggestion if there could be a section buyers can post about the sellers regarding their trades/sales letting others know how it went, as some like myself are honest sellers but dont have MUA feedback

    All in all
    Keep up the good work angela

    Sabina xox

  9. Michelle Brandstetter says:

    Hey Angela, I think you’re doing an awesome job, thank you for send us the latest blog sales everyday.


    Sent from my iPhone

  10. samnouska says:

    Angela, you’re doing a great job with the blogs 🙂 Second, please carry on insisting that bloggers list new items for sale, not just brands or very vague descriptions, to avoid spamming. Having said that, though, this brings me to my third point: I’ve noticed that some bloggers list such-and-such new items for sale, but when I’ve checked out their blogsale, they haven’t updated a thing!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    • Stephanie says:

      Just chipping in from a seller’s perspective — as a seller, if everything in a particular picture is sold, I remove them completely so it looks like I didn’t update. That’s because I think it’d be irritating if my blog were filled with pictures and listings all crossed out because they’re sold. It’d be messy and uninviting. Not saying that people are lying or something, but you should consider that perhaps it is too unhelpful to leave sold items on the blog.

  11. muablogsales says:

    Very well said! Don’t be put off by a very small minority of sellers who complain about rules. You’re doing the right thing and the blog is better for it. Carry on with the good work!
    Carovan xxx

  12. Stephanie says:

    Hi Angela, I really appreciate the work you do and do understand the limitations. There has been much response from buyers, but I should say that from a seller’s perspective – especially if more than, say, 8 items are added, it’s a bit of a pain to have to list them all down for you. I’m also not sure it’s fun as a buyer to have to check out a whole paragraph of stuff. I think Caro’s old method of letting us list brands — and I agree, we shouldn’t be able to just say ‘added new item’s — was more helpful. If I’m interested in a brand, I as a buyer will check the blogsale out — I don’t need to know that it was a MAC eyeshadow palette in xx, you know what I mean?

    I also wasn’t terribly impressed by the specification that one would have to reduce prices significantly to say that one lowered prices. TBH, surely that’s the seller’s prerogative? I’m also not sure how you would prove the lowering of prices. Perhaps the compromise on this front would be, as you suggested, doing a weekly round-up, so if the seller doesn’t satisfy your conception of lowering prices, you can just put that on the weekly roundup.

    Also, I think frankly I just wasn’t terribly impressed with the thought that we should lower prices to be more competitive to make more profit — reasoning is prima facie wrong. There is no profit to be made. The entire premise of the blogsale is precisely offering used products for low prices (which you would prefer us to, and buyers to) so don’t mention profit. It is the recouping of cost. These things just niggle and bug me. Thing is, yes it might be an innocuous mistake but if you are operating on the wrong premise — that sellers are apparently making a profit on this and that therefore they should be more competitive — I worry that your attitude towards what can be listed will shift too. After all, concepts are as important as execution. This ultimately is a small point but I do think you should consider it. I realise you do this for everyone as a favour, and it is so appreciated. I just also suspect you are opening yourself up to criticism if you try to control too much :p why open yourself up to criticism? If sellers want to set prices too high, well – why stop them? They’ll eventually lower prices or just not sell

    I’m sorry you’re getting so much flak; I’m sharing what I think because you seem to want to hear feedback. I still fully intend to use this site and am complying with the rules — not without some grumbling heh but ultimately, you’re doing us a favor and thus, I can’t be too demanding!

    • angela4mua says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      I’m sorry I’m just now getting to your comment; it’s been a busy morning.

      Thank you for your thoughtful response – This is exactly what I’m looking for. Let me take on the two easier issues first.

      1) You are absolutely correct about my use of the word ‘profit’ – I was referring to the amount of money you can recover from the sale of your unwanted items. So yes, ‘recoup’ is a much better term.

      2) I am not trying to control seller’s prices – They can set them at $1 or $1000; it is absolutely not my place to tell a seller how to price their items. I’m not sure if you’re aware that I DO post every single ‘Lowered Prices’ update that I receive – I have only asked that the sellers have a good reason to update their sale based on price reductions. The problem is that many of the monetary updates I get have either not lowered any of their prices, or they have only lowered the prices by a very nominal amount on one, maybe two products. To my mind, these are spam updates and are exactly what I spend so much of my own time trying to prevent. Do you have a different suggestion for monitoring the Lowered Prices Updates?

      3) The ‘Specific Items’ rule. This one is more difficult. First, please know that I do post an update whether I receive one specific, new item or 25 – A single item is sufficient for an update and you can choose to do as few or as many as you want, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be more work for you. I am hearing overwhelmingly from buyers (as you can see by the comments) that specific items is what they want to see. You write that you’re not sure buyers want to have to look through a whole paragraph of stuff – Do you think they prefer having to look at page after page of items that they’ve seen before (sometimes many times over)? Again, I think you can tell from the comments that they do not. Caroline eventually ran into the same problem with ‘brands only’ updates; that is why she created these new rules. However, I am still open to suggestions on this – Let me know if you know of a way to monitor a ‘brands only’ update.

      Thanks again for your comment!



  13. musblogsales says:

    I’m a buyer and this new rule is great! It really get’s annoying as a buyer to have the same exact people selling the same items day after day. I believe keeping this fresh, makes it much better as a buyer. I agree that maybe once a week you could post people sales that haven’t changed that way they get a chance to sell too! I think you do a awesome job, and you do your job very well. I’m sure it takes a good amount of your personal time, and i’m sure it’s not a easy job! I’m grateful that you take the time to do this site, and just wanted to say THANK YOU! You do this on your personal time, and do not get paid to do this. People are to damn picky, and should take time to thank you instead of making your life more difficult! Thanks again for your time, and everything you do!

  14. As a seller;
    I think the blogsales are fine the way they are.
    YOU are helping us.
    We have no room to be upset or to critique.
    You posting our sales are the reason we even get traffic.

    As a buyer;
    Only, to prevent the spam furthermore, make sure sales were last updated more than 3-4 days ago?
    I enjoy the 6 oclock deadline, and like how there are only about 8 max sales posted a day, as apposed to about 20 Caroline was posting.
    Its just a blog community. If someone doesnt agree with the way its going, They can find a new mua community.

  15. Cindy says:

    I think you’re doing a great job and I love checking in here everyday. I post sales once in a while but mostly I’m a buyer. I love the idea of posting sales once a month or so without having to list what new items you’ve added…I really don’t run my sales often enough to do that 🙂

  16. Yun says:

    Thank you and Caroline for maintaining this blog. I started with swapping on MUA and while swapping was great, it became harder for both parties to swap items that both wanted. I started as a buyer on this blog, and honestly I never really read the descriptions of the items on each individual’s blogsale at first. It used to be a really long list and I would click on all of them to find something I want at a good price.It did get to a point where I started seeing the same blogsales posting the same things and I no longer was excited to look through the list. However, with the new installment of rules, I am really glad that new items are noted and fewer posts are uploaded. It’s much easier for buyers like me to scroll through and get excited everyday about new posts.
    I became a seller more recently this year and have been blessed by people who bought from my blog. I buy and sell for the love of trying out new things. All the money I earn from my blogsale has been used to purchase things off of other people’s blogs. The money I earn from selling on my blog is the budget I have to spend on other blog sales. Thank you for providing the platform for me to try out so many things.Similar to Lisa’s comment, as a seller I don’t have many new things to post, or further prices to reduce…so I’m hoping for a better way to get blogsales like mine more exposure on this blog without meeting those requirements. I would suggest an archive page where sellers whose blogsales are still active but doesn’t meet the requirements to post everyday, can be searchable for buyers. I often use the search bar on the page to search for specific brands or items I want, but I find the search bar a bit difficult to use because it gives you the entire post of that day and you have to go through all the blogs again to look for the item.

    Also, thank you for providing quality control and not allowing that rude lady to post. Many of the sellers I buy from have been so kind and generous, and I wouldn’t want one bad person to ruin the rest of this blog’s reputation. I look forward to improvements to this blog, and again, thanks for all you hard work!

    • angela4mua says:

      Hi Yun,

      I just wanted to say a belated Thank You for your post. You make some excellent points and many of them will be addressed in the new changes that will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

      You have always been so kind in your emails to me and that means so much.

      Thanks again,

      Angela 😉

  17. ladym says:

    Your page, your rules.

  18. Duchess says:

    First, I want to thank you for taking this on. I am more of a seller than a buyer, and don’t often update but about once a month when I do a purge. I liked the brand option better because it allows me to quickly scan if there was something I should look for, ie anything Burberry. With only posting a few things here and there and only being allowed to type out the new things in the listing, something fabulous could have been missed.

    Say I had a Burberry blush listed two weeks ago when I posted my sale. This week I only have a few drug store items to post and list as newly added. Someone reading the update will just see those drugstore items and possibly pass right over my sale without even looking at it. Yes, it may have been posted two weeks ago and the blush may still be there but maybe they didn’t see the update that day? Maybe I have been lemming that blush for weeks and I wouldn’t know it’s there because the brand wasn’t listed and I assumed it was just a DS sale?

    I don’t scan the sales daily because I am either looking for something specific or I don’t have any extra play money at the moment. Just saying, it’s a bit limiting. I can see with over posting the same items constantly, but with brands at least I could see if there was something I may be I interested in rather than missing out on something not listed as newly added.

    Also. I sometimes do a huge purge and have all new items to sell. I’m not sure how a sale is listed as new; is it like an all new poster to the blog? Or does that include all new sales as well? It takes a good hour sometimes to make up a large new sale and post. I wouldn’t want to have to relist everything else in a paragraph in order to post to the blog roll. It’s very time consuming and seems a bit redundant. Listing a few brands seems less complicated to me.

    I realise its very time consuming for you as well and I can see both sides of the listing individual and listing brands. I think it is more beneficial to sellers listing brands and easier for buyers to see individual things. It’s a tough decision and it seems no matter which people will want something else, lol.

    I like the idea of having a “still going on” sales post on the blog as mentioned above. Maybe there you could just have people list brands? Or to even make it less on you…. Maybe have like Saturday be Sales Still On Day. You could make a post saying, “if your sale is still on and not recently updated or if you missed the posting deadlines for the week, leave a comment with your sale here!”

    We could comment with our MUA name, sale link and a few brands. Thus putting the maintaining of yet another sales list on the sellers that want that by commenting instead of having to remember who was still I. But not updated. Giving people the option to check there as well? Just an idea. 🙂

    • angela4mua says:

      Hi, thanks for your well-reasoned comment. Very helpful.

      I like your idea mentioned in the last two paragraphs of your post. At first I saw Saturday Sale and thought ‘ANOTHER day of posting!? ACCKK!’ but then I read that the sellers could list their own items and info. This idea has real promise – It would not mean more work for me (although I would probably still want to approve the sellers submission – Extremely similar to moderating comments).

      There will be some real changes coming soon – From colors to formatting – And again, I do think this idea has promise.

      Thank you!



  19. Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for taking on this task, Angela. I admire Caro hugely for managing the list for so long and you for keeping up the good work.
    I knew it was a difficult and thankless task to organise these sales, but was shocked by the number of ill-natured complaints and insinuations being thrown about the makeup board lately, by basically the same few members. I think I speak for a mostly-silent minority when I say you’re both doing a great job, and keeping the spamming under control is a wonderful and necessary thing.

  20. Mary says:

    Maybe you should only let people post their sales once a week. It’s a good option to keep the spamming under control.

  21. Blink Girl says:

    Hi I have never done a makeup blog sale before but my makeup collection is be coming overwhelming. How do I go about letting you know about my blog sale once I finish it up? Do I email you or what? Thanks so much for letting me know 😀 -Jenn

    Date: Fri, 26 Apr 2013 03:56:30 +0000 To:

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