Hi, welcome to muablogsales.  Please read over all instructions before emailing me.

If you need to create a blog, use or  They are free and easy to use and come with pre-made templates.  All these sites have instructions to guide you and a help desk.

How to add your blog sale

Email submityoursale AT gmail DOT com with the following information:

1)  Your MUA screename (If you don’t have one, go to and register, it’s free)
2)  The currency of your sale (USD, GBP, …)
3)  Where you ship from (USA, UK, …)
4)  Where you are willing to ship (USA only, internationally, …)
5)  The direct link to your sale (not your blog, just the sale please, unless your blog is entirely dedicated to sales)
6) What your are selling:
You must include details of your new items. For example “Nars Orgasm blush”, not just “NARS”  or “NARS blush”. You can also list old items
If you’ve never posted a sale before, you can list whatever you want, brands or items or both.
In both cases you’re allowed 4 lines of info, as they appear in my editor. I usually cut the end if you’ve listed more than the 4 lines, so post your good items at the beginning.

Please make sure your blog sale includes all the information your buyers will want:  Prices, shipping info, contact details, all product information, and nice, clear photos.

My sale is wrong!

If I’ve made an error in your listing, please email me and I’ll correct it right away.

Spread the word

Feel free to share this website via your blogs or twitter or Facebook, etc., but please be careful when mentioning it on MakeupAlley as your account might be deleted.  MUA does not allow the advertising of your blog sale in any way.

This website is not affiliated with

Buyer Beware

muablogsales is not responsible for any problems that may arise from purchasing or swapping for new or used cosmetic items.

Please note that if you ‘gift’ your payment via Paypal (as opposed to being invoiced), then you will have no recourse with Paypal if something should go wrong with your purchase.  Most sellers do not allow returns or refunds at all so this is very important!

Good luck with your sales!


5 Comments on “Instructions”

  1. Hey what happened to the blogs? You took over, but haven’t updated since July? 😦

  2. Ah just not used to this, I dont browse it everyday – and didn’t see the two posts, must have not looked that far back. Thanks!

  3. Can I search the blogs for a specific item? How? Thanks

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